A little appreciation can go a long way

School just re-opened recently for me and having met my teachers again, I was pushed to write this post.

You might be the best, or you may just suck. All of that depends on an individual’s perspective. The only thing that can actually be measured is the amount of effort you put in. If you’re working long hours to reach your goal then you’re doing a good job, if you don’t, you’re a slacker. Of course there are always the exceptional ones who put in no effort but get everything right and the unfortunate hard workers who just never do. The progress you make is out of question here, well, at least according to me. The effort deserves appreciation. The extra effort each of us put in, it just shouldn’t go unrewarded.

Consider the life of a student, an average one perhaps. When the kid spends hours on preparing for a chem test or working on an art project at school, irrespective of how the outcome is, he deserves some appreciation for all of his sincere dedication. There will be days which are just plain sucky for him and it was his bad luck that his first day turned out to be a bad one. What happens when the teacher simply tells him he sucks and moves on to the next gullible kid?

He is totally dejected. Tough love might go a long way in certain cases but, so does a little appreciation! Aren’t teachers of all people required to work taking in each kid’s state of mind into consideration? When there are people who bounce back immediately, there are also the fragile one’s who need to be, quite frankly, “handled with care”. I think it’s very unfair, for a kid to loose his heart and just stop trying, all because a teacher endorsed the whole “brutal truth” idea.

Let’s look a little beyond the school zone. At work, in relationships even! When someone tries really hard to please you. You owe them some appreciation. If you’re the boss, even if you aren’t a touchy feely person, giving them a little credit is the practical thing to do, if you want your employees giving it their all.

Sometimes karma or God fail to reward the hard workers, what’s so hard about taking their place once in a while? You might even score some karma points for yourself! There are millions of people out there just yearning for a small compliment, just a little credit, some recognition. With a quick thumbs-up you might just make someones day, even give them the encouragement to work harder and ultimately you might even make their life for them!

All I’m asking you to give is just a little encouragement guys! It’ll go a long, long way!


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