Feminism Unleashed.

Long walks on a deserted street in the dark. As fun as that sounds, dangerous is the go to word to be describe it lately.
Hell Yea!

It’s time for some seriously due feminism.

I have a curfew of 6 PM. I’m not even allowed to go to school by myself. I rarely get to hang out with my friends, and when I do, it’s at the most closely located pizza joint. You know why? Because I am a GIRL.

People have asked this question over endless eons, and I’m going to as well, again!

How is this fair?

As expected, you’ll say, no, it’s not! And I’m jus wondering here. How does that help me? Or any other girl? All the posts by the “understanding” men out there who think the undermining of the feminine gender should come to an end and how men should use their stronger physique to protect women and not over power them – they just sicken me.

People talk, they talk a lot, but they apparently do nothing. Except for offending me more by the day that is! A part of this world, a part of the male part of this world, actually understands and wants to do the right thing. Women can work as equals to men. They are given the same opportunities, yada yada. But, the EXACT same people are the ones who say, “she’s a girl!  If she can’t apologize why should I?” when they have a disagreement with their girlfriends. Or, “She actually thinks that she can pick a fight with me? She’s a girl!!” and the best, my personal favourite, “if a girl can get that pissed, watch me!”

I mean, what is up with that? Seriously? I get this impression that we are some kind of lowlives to whom the world is generous enough to give a few important rights and that we should repay them by being eternally grateful. And when one of us is nuts enough to ask the question, “Am I supposed to be submissive and let people be sexist to me?” all we get is an apparently obvious and oh did I forget to mention unsaid, “DUH!”

You think I’m pissed now? Oh! Wait till I finish. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they had to make it worse with the frigging movies! I seriously have to ask, does it just mean that you’re heartless if you’re a woman? Why does every movie, specifically Indian movie, portray the lead female role as the heartless, undecisive, “pretty” girl who just breaks the guys heart out of vanity! That is then followed by the song where he trashes and curses the girl and speaks of how evil she is and that song becomes an international sensation. I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were turning a blind eye to everything that men do.

These are just stuff that have to be said. And no I’m not going to be polite because I’m a “girl”. I want the big rights, I want the small ones, I want everything I deserve. And I deserve everything because I am a woman. A self-righteous one at that!


5 thoughts on “Feminism Unleashed.

  1. Keep it up, girl friend. This is a tough world for young women like us, but keep reading, studying, and believing in yourself and together we’ll flip the world on its head and bring all our sisters along with us.


    1. Thank you! And I’m sure we will. Best of luck to you! And do follow if you find my content interesting. Have a nice day!


  2. Are women as important part of any society as men are? If the answer to this question is yes, then there is no doubt they share equal rights,freedom, opportunities etc. If the answer is no, one may not be called a human being.
    India is a nation that answers the above question as yes. Hence, legally Indian women are entitled to every single right that an Indian man is.
    Now, let’s talk about the real scenario in India. Law and Enforcement should be a combined term where as here they are two separate disciplines where one may be suppressed to nullify the effect of other.
    I ,being a man, accept that if there is one reason why women don’t enjoy equality in India, then it is because of the entire MEN CLAN. Yes, we have been suppressing women since ancient times, and we still are. Men in India educated or illiterate are overflowing with lust and don’t know how to control their Libido.
    A few exceptions do not count when we are talking about 655 Million male population.
    I’ve had female friends who tell me what they tolerate all day. Especially in Delhi, Glorious capital of this eminent nation. They are stalked, teased and even molested. Still we call our nation Mother India. But i feel Mother here is metaphorical.

    Apologies if I’ve offended someone but your post provoked the feelings which I wanted to write since a long time.


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