Confessions of a FanGirl.

2 Weeks is a long time to be away from my laptop. It started off with one disaster after another and then finally the biggest disaster of all. Exams! -_-|| Finally the world has given me a break. I could’ve written then too, but it would’ve been me venting my ass off. Let me tell you this, me venting = NOT fun. So, Anyway, as I’m back here making love to my keyboard, I’ll just get to the point and go all “ME” on you. 

How invested are you in movies and TV shows or at least celebrities? 

If you’re a teenager the answer is probably, “VERY”. 

If you’re a middle-aged person then the answer is most likely, “VERY”.

If you’re a little older, I’m guessing, “VERY”. 

Every Geek/ Non-Geek out there thrives on the lives of those in their favorite soaps more than they care about their own lives. I know it sounds sad and pathetic when you put it like that but I also know how awesome those shows are. We all have a favorite character. And boy do we re-define fandom or what? As for me, I’m a Sherlockian. There’s nothing I’d like more than to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in action. I’m sure you have your picks too. The amount of emotional involvement we have in these shows and characters in inexplicable. Last week, I watched the season finale of the very much hyped “TVD”. Watching Damon Salvatore die was horrendous. I was probably pissed cause he’s some quality eye candy that I watched hours of lame vampire drama to look at and they’d killed the only reason I wasted time on their show, still, I’ve never been that upset about any stranger’s death.

That’s because he’s not a stranger. These characters, we know everything about them, every single detail which they practically shove down our throats as we go on watching, we understand them because well, let’s face it, they’re obvious. They become a part of our lives, a person we know, and naturally there’s this emotional attachment. Have you ever wondered why you like these characters so much more than the people we actually do know? If there were any other self-absorbed intelligent sociopath out there I’d not even take another look. 

We don’t like them for their ideals, they don’t have any. Most of these characters are just plain bad. They do things they’re not supposed to, some of them are mean, some exceptionally violent, and some psychotic. These are traits we normally scringe and run away at the sight of. But, the same thing, put it on TV and voila you’re in love. There’s a simple, shallow explanation to all of this that I’m so graciously going to put out here regardless of what criticism it brings me. We like them for their imperfections, and for everything that’s wrong with them, simply because we understand them. We get the whole picture, it all makes sense and so we’re so much more forgiving of their setbacks. Then, we eat up all the crap the television companies serve us about how “COOL” those setbacks are. We begin to see how perfect their imperfections are.

We are all a stereotype of our own. Maybe you’re self-absorbed, maybe you’re selfless. Maybe you lost your parents, maybe you’re a junkie, or maybe you’re a normal functioning human being who bad things haven’t happened to. Whatever you are, it is good. You’re just as cool as any vampire or clueless lanky nerd. Take a second to observe the world around you. There’s something interesting in everyone and everywhere. You have no idea how amusing the people you think of as “uncool” or “unpopular” are. Besides there’s one thing about them that none of your fictional characters have. They’re real. Nothing’s being enacted. It’s actually how they are! Even the fakeness in some people, it’ll give you a good laugh. 😀 

We all make mistakes. If you can forgive a doctor for being a junkie, a billionaire for being nothing but self-absorbed, a heartless playboy just cause he’s funny, you sure as hell can forgive the faults you find in the people around you. They probably even deserve some extra level of tolerance for their reality. They’re all the same class of human as your characters, just less overrated. Life is beautiful, if you know how to look. 


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