Lost in an Abyss of Clichés.

There are these times when I just lose hope in mankind. It’s like no one is capable of any goodness anymore. When there’s just backstabbing and two-timing everywhere even in a sixteen year old’s world, how am I supposed to have any faith in what’s outside this world? How come no one cares about having something real? Did that endless horde of high-school movies just inspire the hell out of teenagers to be nothing but stereotypical and shallow?

Popularity. It’s like a different class of blood around here. The higher class that is. Maybe even the highest. Anyone is ready to do just about anything to stay popular. It has somehow escalated from faking looks to faking personalities and now to faking desires as well. It’s amusing when I notice how they even learn to convince themselves that they like something just because it’s cool to do so. Wow. These people couldve made great progress in effective mind control techniques. And don’t even get me started on the “cool” stuff. -_-

Innocence is a day dream lately. All those helpless people I wanted to protect for some messed up reason, even they turned, one by one. It’s like a disease. The popularity fever. It’s seem to have caught everyone. The one thing everybody needs even more than the air we breathe is what they call their “peeps” The meaning of friendship is hilariously lost. Now is the time when I have to work my ass off to make sure my life goes the right way. Just when I need people to rely on, all the backstabbing starts.

I was never really the overly emotional type. I know what you’re thinking. I’m only this expressive when I write. I was never all deep with the people around me. But I knew what I felt and where they stood in my world. Everyone had a special place. Everyone I held dear to my heart. And now, to see them like this, I still can’t help remembering their old self and forcing myself to tolerate them and then being insanely pissed. The icing on that cake of annoyance was all the bitching around. Being heartlessly betrayed by thay very people you put up with just for old times sake. I just told myself there’s no place for depth and friendship in this world. It’s all about image. Those “old times” are just the old times. Faulty memories that I can no longer make my judgement and calls based on.

People don’t change, they just become clearer versions of who they are, with time.

I know there will always be some people. Real people. The people I’m grateful for. The only people I really need. They were the only ones I really liked anyway. The others I just felt sorry for and still do. ‘Cause when I go bitching back at ’em, they won’t last a second. Nobility means squat to me. I’m more of a give people what they deserve type of person. All I’ve got to say is, Bring it on Bitches!


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