So what? I’m aggressive.

Some days you’ve just had enough. The world is infuriating and you can’t even type in a title for your blog post about it without breaking your keyboard. I know, life is supposed to be hard and all. But at times like this, I feel like this is unfair. This is cruel. It’s almost funny.. in a sad kind of way when literally everyone you ever counted on just let you down all at once. Maybe it was my fault.. not letting them know how much I counted on them. But then I think, Nah! at least this way they don’t get the satisfaction of having broken my heart. I’d rather have my pride than be seen weak. Not breaking out and swearing at them after all this is VERY hard. Which is why I don’t bother with lame standards like that.

Swearing and going all “aaaargh” is like my thing. I am the outburst expert if I may say so myself and if I could see myself exploding I’d probably have a long, hysterical laugh. :’D As I cant, I’m going to continue in this serious, pissed-off tone. Screaming at space and punching pillows and innocent bystanders like the couch cushions are my only outlet lately ever since I decided to go diplomatic. However, today, I didn’t care anymore. I had to let it out and i had to let it out right then and you know what? It felt GOOD. 

Are you here to say I should’ve turned the other cheek or tried to be forgiving? DONT BOTHER. If you’re in my place and some “saint” comes around preaching, screw ’em! Giving people what they deserve is not wrong just because I’m a girl. If that makes me a bitch, then so be it. When people bitch me I bitch back hard and that my people, is something I’m proud of. I was never a twirly little fairy, not planning on ever being one.

So… bring it on! I’m not going down without a fight. What about you? 




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