Resurrection – A Journal Entry Of Sorts.

I’ve been thinking a lot and writing very little. So many trains of thought yet, nothing passed the screening test. They were too real and there is nothing quite as unimpressive as real life. No one wants to read that shit, I told myself. So I went on stringing together, pretty strains of meaningless words. I threw in a few rhymes into the mix and stirred until I got some perfectionist poetry. I looked at my creation, the captivating beauty that it was. All the praises soothed my greedy heart. But it didn’t last very long.

It’s like the conscious mind has a reset button. Every night, all your values are wiped clean and the next day you wake up a new person. Ashamed of my shallow past, the voices in my head wept. What about all your hopes and fears? What about all those nights you spent dreaming?  I found them buried, in a lonely corner. A solemn grave for everything I stood for.

The worst kind of death is when you stop living for yourself.

– Abirami.


16 thoughts on “Resurrection – A Journal Entry Of Sorts.

  1. Insightful post… I believe most bloggers, (except those that post daily), wrestle with that ‘many trains of thought’ that never make it into written words. My dilemma is at night my thoughts produce the rarest of gems and I can not hold on to them because as you say they are wiped clean before mornings first light.

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  2. I am one of those that battle with myself towards what am I going to write about, and whether people will read it or not. Writing for yourself is always the answer, if not, your writing will not have a proper identity. Thank you for your piece!
    I am new to this whole “blog world,” mind checking out my blog and perhaps telling me your opinions on my post as well?

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  3. I’ll quote a line from Patrick Rothfuss, “Don’t get me wrong, magic is cool. But a nervous mother singing to her child at night while something moves quietly through the dark outside her house? That’s a story. Handled properly, it’s more dramatic than any apocalypse or goblin army could ever be.”

    I believe there is nothing more uncomfortable yet inspiring than reality. But then again, that’s just me.

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      1. It is my pleasure.
        When I started writing, I started with crime fiction, Sadly I was never involved in a murder scene 🙂
        Now when I started taking inspiration from my reality, that was a writing I really started enjoying.

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      1. Um, I’m sorry, what are you getting at? And to answer your question I have been blogging for over 3 years. I purchased this domain recently but I had a free wordpress subdomain all these years that I have been blogging on.


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