Aimless life.

Some days I don’t want to write. I don’t want to talk or be around anyone at all. There’s literally no particular thing I want to do, nothing but just be. An aimless life.. Ah.. It seems like “the dream”. Oh no, don’t you mistake this for depression! This is a beautiful feeling. It is one of those times when the mind is so easy to please. Maybe I’m not ecstatic but there’s no room for sadness either and that seems good enough. Some times there’s a little craving for music, other times not. Staring at the street from my window and observing the world is heartening in itself. Well, right now is one of those times for me.

If a day could begin without goals being set,

If it was all consequential: what you did and who you met,

If desire could be the cause behind every action

And there was no necessity for procrastination,

If you could care without cause

And love just because,

Oh if life were aimless . . .

Ā© Abirami

12 thoughts on “Aimless life.

  1. Few allow an aimless yet fulfilling life by following their heart. Of course, even less react to proposals made from the heart in a positive way. Just keep plugging along and you will find your share of friends. The best friends are the ones who love you for who you are, and don’t go away in the hard times. Nice BLOG!


  2. Hello Abirami,
    It’s not easy to just be and not think. It indeed is very difficult I would say.
    But truly, all in this life is nothing, somehow aimless. The preacher calls our quests “chasing after the Wind”. That’s all what we do most often on earth.
    All the same, life continues, and my best best wishes for you for 2015 abound.

    And thanks for the follow too!

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