Life and other overrated things.

Our actions matter a lot more than we realize. Things we say in the heat of the moment changes a few things for life. Regardless of if you mean them or not. Yet, no one ever makes an effort to try and control any of this. Well, it is quite impossible. What is this fragile state of mind we all possess? Why is it so easy to wreck all the balance? We are capable of so much but nothing. Why does it feel like scaling mountains is easier than controlling your own emotions? Every choice in life seems to be an emotion: love, hate, envy… These feelings, they are capable of so much change. One minute you’re someone and the next you’re not. In the beginning it’s confusing and then, at some point you just let go and drown in a river of apologies and guilt. And then there are those who seek redemption. I never saw the point in that. What is done is done. Every day, just another page from the book of cliches.

11 thoughts on “Life and other overrated things.

  1. My Dear Abirami, it is a Psychological and Scientific fact that Emotions follow, and are inseparably attached to thoughts. Thus they cannot be avoided.

    …Also, as You have noticed, it is not really easy, to control one’s Emotions, and Ways of Expressions.

    …Sadly, I am Past Master of Emotional Outbursts. But it is also Reality that People Understand Us deep down Inside, and Accept us when we apologize.

    …Finally, the changes that are affected, … Are Not Permanent! 🙂

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  2. I feel more regretful of things that I have not done! and I wish I had the courage to do them. (Except wishing and regrets get me nowhere, so there isn’t much point.)

    A wonderful post, anyway! 🙂


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