I’m starting a Web Series – Feedback Please!

This has been a long thought in progress and I’ve finally decided to stop being lazy and go for it! Writing random posts every day is not as satisfying as having to be regular to this precious little blog. And I’ve always wanted to write a series. So what do you guys think? This is something I will only do after taking into consideration all of your feedback. And thank you for the amazing response I’ve been getting lately. 🙂 It truly means a lot.

The story revolves around a girl who takes subreddits and discussion threads way too seriously. A millennial who lets social media influence her major life choices. I will post one episode a week. The story will stay as light as possible without too much heavy drama. But when we’re speaking of a teenage girl, there’s got to be at least a little drama, right? 😀

Is this something you might enjoy? Please let me know what you’re thoughts are. Any feedback or suggestions is much appreciated.

– The Obsessive Writer


33 thoughts on “I’m starting a Web Series – Feedback Please!

  1. You and I share the thought that WordPress can indeed be a think tank for not only the author, but for others. Too much it is a casual platform where the “like” response selection is all that occurs. Not much different from Facebook or LinkedIn for that matter. I’ve pleaded with readers to comment rather than “like.” So I will honor your desire for feedback. For me, I prefer feedback on the essential elements of a work: story, plot, characters, dialogue, conflict as well as flow, entertainment, and realism (of course, sci-fi might bend the latter a bit). How else can one improve one’s craft?

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