In Dreams

memory of crows

you have been there
ever present
in the dark recesses of my mind

i dream of you
i am in a constant haze
of in between
awake and asleep

and you are there
haunting me
reminding me
over and over

how very real you are

some dreams
come and go gently
allowing me peace
and although i know you’ve been there
you left nothing behind
no footprints on my heart
you crept away quietly
as if your soul knew
the devastation it would bring to mine

others are so vivid
so real
that if i reached out
i know i would feel your skin
warm on my finger tips

i wake up
and cannot distinguish
truth from fiction

so real – so natural
that i check my phone
to find the email you sent me in my midnight hours
and there is nothing there

i replay our conversations

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