My Favourite Youtubers 

Gone are the days we used the TV to kill boredom. Now, the only channels I ever power through are YouTube Channels. These are my favourites. If you don’t YouTube yet, you should. It’s meant for more than just music! Here it goes, 

  1. PewDiePie – Of course the king is on my list. He has the most subscribed channel on YouTube for a reason. Hilarious and Savage. It’s impossible to not be impressed. I hope he never stops making videos. 
  2. TmarTn – He’s a gamer! And he’s awesome at it. But what I like most about his channel is Super Cooper Sundays! He’s got a golden retriever that he vlogs with in a weekly basis. You should check it out if you love pets. 
  3. Superwoman – Lilly Singh is the queen of sarcasm. She has made me laugh even in the darkest of days. And she will always be close to my heart. Not many people have this way of talking about the most serious of issues in a positive, fun way.
  4. Clare Siobhan – She is an adorable gamer who looks at gaming from a whole new perspective. She plays games like Sims 4 and tells her own stories. And her dog Evee is too cute to handle.
  5. Ali-A – He is Clare’s boyfriend and a really popular YouTube gamer. One of the big guns. What I love about his channel are the Pokemon Go episodes with him, Clare and Evee. 
  6. Jacksepticeye – This guy is all kinds of crazy and you just can’t get enough of it. Check him out once and you’ll be a fan for life. 😀 He’s more than just a gamer and he’s funnier than PewDiePie. 
  7. The Slow-Mo Guys -Literally. Everything. In slow motion. Get ready to feel insanely satisfied from their mind boggling videos. This channel is one of a kind. 

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