Not knowing what to say,

Not knowing what to write.

It has never been the issue.

Having too much to pour out,

That endless train of musing,

It goes on a journey

From too much truth to heartache.

Putting pen to paper is like,

A vacuum to the heart.

In the end there’s a dirty bag of poetry,

And a soul drained of all emotions.

© Abirami

84 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Sometimes staying in a toxic relationship with a person can put such a strain and especially leave you with a lot of weight on your shoulders.

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  2. There has been many a day I find myself righting things if a similar nature… The only thing you can find yourself writing is the struggle to write, and it’s never because you don’t have anything to write but you simply can’t filter your thoughts into the right words. Most frustrating thing about being a writer.

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  3. Just a reality for any serious right.

    Sometimes, to fix ideas into the holes of words is just like a murderous act—words are just far from being capable, sometimes, of giving freedom and voice to many the many imprisoned ideas of our mind.

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  5. Your poem is very accurate. I honestly wish I had writer’s block sometimes lol. I really enjoyed how you were able to express feelings that only writers would understand. Good job. 🙂

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  6. I love this. I started looking through wordpress to seek out other writers, poets and authors. To see what they do with their skill, how they reflect not only themselves through their craft, but how they echo the world around them. Thank you for sharing this piece of you with us! Good luck to you.

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  7. I think the line that applies to me most is “That endless train of musing,” which seems to pull me in different direction. Trying to find interesting topics that will also entertain seems to also take me in so many directions. Hopefully this process will get easier over time.

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  8. Sometimes I find myself so overwhelmed with various emotions it’s difficult for me to make sense of them. This is conflicting for me, because I often look to writing as a way to escape and at the same time, understand where I currently am a bit better. So when I can’t put these feelings into words, onto paper, it makes me feel like I have nowhere to turn to. I often have to force these feelings out almost, and purge them from deep inside of me, otherwise it drives me insane.

    Thanks for sharing. Now I know I’m not the only one.

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