Wordly Woes

It was another gloomy afternoon, as I set to work. Looking hard and deep for just about anything. Any frivolous theory, rhyme or word string. All at once, there it was, the faintest noise. It could have been the mid summer wind, for it had the grace and poise. Midst all the world’s ranting and chanting, I could hear them calling out to me. Out of breath, panting, I hear the words shouting out their plea. All these years of being taut and twisted seems to have left them tormented, being fashioned into ‘witty’ prose or ‘thoughtful’ poetry. Apparently, they dream of a life of ingenuity. They cried out to be relieved after ages of being besieged.

Let new verses trail your tongue and fresh lines be put to paper. Have your literary praises sung and creations left to savour.

© Abirami

17 thoughts on “Wordly Woes

  1. Is the reality of the person your imagination? I sometimes think what we fall in love with is our imaginings of that person, not the reality. Perhaps our imagination though, is like adding salt to a recipe. It brings out the flavor. And, again possible, perhaps it is the imagination of the one who loves us that makes us the best and tastiest persons.

    Thanks for including me in your list of cool people. I’m going to go get me some new dark glasses to wear in order to deserve the spot!

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    1. You’re absolutely right. And I’m pretty sure I’m very much in love with my imagination. 😀 I sometimes can’t differentiate between myself and my imagination so you see where this is going! 😀
      And glasses? How bout you just suit up!? That’s how I roll. B|

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