Paint me a pretty picture, not with colours but words.

Sing me a song of love, not with words but gentle notes.

Write me a note of admiration, not with love but perfection.

Give me a life of joy, not with perfection but tenderness.

Wish me a death of peace, not with tenderness but hope.

© Abirami

Brevity – the quality of expressing much in a few words.

41 thoughts on “Brevity 

      1. That’s ok! I finally did it. When you repost your own blog, does it come up as a different post, or does it just repost your original post?

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  1. Ahh, okay. It didn’t repost mine as the original, it doesn’t matter but still quite annoying. It reposted as a different blog post. I went onto my blog online and reposted it online, underneath the post.


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