The Obsessive Writing Challenge – Week 3

Welcome to the third week of the Obsessive Writing Challenge. 🙂 Thank you for all the support! We had some amazing entries last week.

This week’s theme is : Empty

You will have to write content, any kind of content relevant to the theme and it has to have the word “empty” in it. I will pick a winner and link to their blog in the next week. The winner gets the opportunity to feature in my blog with a guest post!

The rules are pretty simple.

You can submit your entry by writing it and posting it in your blog. Your entry should have : a title, followed by a link to my blog and then finally the body of your content.

Your post has to have the word “empty”, and it has to be the overall theme.

Leave a link to your entry in the comments below, that’s how I’ll be able to see it. (I won’t know you’ve entered the contest unless you let me know via a comment)

Your entry can be any written work, like a story, a poem or a passage. Just make sure it’s relevant to the topic and most importantly, original.

The last date for submitting your entry is 02.12.17 (Saturday)

Good luck! And make sure you follow the rules to make it easier for me 🙂

– The Obsessive Writer


36 thoughts on “The Obsessive Writing Challenge – Week 3

  1. Fading into The Future:
    The very glimpse of the sun rising all the little munchkins to learn something new.
    The tender fingers fidgeting with shoelaces. The engaged hands gently feeding the tiny mouth.
    Setting dreams for their unseen future, the mother kissed her munchkin to see her off to school. Little did she know about the brutal pedophile out there. The advanced and sophisticated world of technologies could never find a solution to such ferocious brute. The empty promises of the government can’t be executed unless the crowd raises their voices.
    Where humanity died and brutes won shedding the tears of those parents, it all lies in the hands of the creator to protect the little angels who are tomorrow’s future.

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