My Fitness Regimen

  1. To stay fit, the first and foremost thing you need to take care of is your diet. Meticulously plan a healthy meal and then toss it out of the window and eat what you really want. Like cake. I love cake.
  2. The second step is exercise. You could do lunges, or stretches, push-ups, pull-ups that sort of thing. I prefer to do my push-ups on the couch, with a blanket over me.
  3. Stay active. Go running! Like when you see an ice cream truck and you want a sundae.
  4. Rest yourself. This part I am very serious about. Sleep 8 hours a day, better yet you can sleep all day. You can combine step three and step two. So it can just be one long push-up a day, and you can sleep through it! Who doesn’t love multi-tasking?
  5. They say green tea with a squeeze of lime is great to stay fit. That’s awesome! So I like chocolate milkshakes! And I drink them instead.

Being fit and being healthy, are becoming two different things lately. Eat healthy, and stay healthy. But also live your life. You might try to reduce weight to fit into a dress or look a certain way, but those things don’t matter. You were born this way because we are all unique. Why would you ever want to give up things to become like someone else? Beauty is in all shapes and sizes. You are perfect just the way you are. Seriously, eat some cake! You deserve it!

– The Obsessive Writer


13 thoughts on “My Fitness Regimen

  1. Well written piece and I will have to try out your version of push-ups under a blanket. Hey, it is still a movement and will burn calories. All pun aside, fitness for me is about my mental game. Thanks for your post. Lee.

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