Positive Thinking

If the poop emoji can smile, πŸ’© What are you frowning about?

Whatever it is, that makes you feel miserable, there are problems that are bigger and there are others like you. We’re all fighting our own battles one way or another. Which is why I think it’s important to acknowledge the lives of others and appreciate your own.

There is a good side to everything. Focusing on that can help make you a better person even in the worst of times. That’s how you turn things around. By making it all a learning experience.

I just stumbled upon a a YouTube Channel of this kid with progeria. It’s a medical condition that abnormally accelerates the ageing process in children. She was there, despite all odds simply to be an inspiration to others. She found her life’s purpose through the same thing that made it hard for her. And that’s when it hit me, nothings ever too bad. There is ALWAYS a bright side. You’ve just got to look hard enough, right?

– The Obsessive Writer


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