Memory Lane

Life comes so suddenly,

Capturing you before you know it.

Love, ambition, hope, fear.

A test of everything you hold dear.

There comes a time when things, only happen in the past,

And everything is too good to last.

A time when you are left with more memories than you can hold,

And you speak of life as an adventure untold.

A moment of victory and sorrow,

And all you want is another life to borrow.

Familiar faces fade away,

In a rear view mirror that has too much to say.

People come and they go, but these streets never change.

It’s no wonder that memory is a lane.

© Abirami

37 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. don’t you think its been really long since you posted something of the many words you might have typed. Write away and get back to posting it like you did earlier Abirami.
    //Because life is too over-rated to ignore

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    1. Hey there 🙂 you might have just made my day. Yes it has been way too long Bharath. I am looking to upgrade my website and buying a domain. As soon as I have my plan on wordpress upgraded and everything else figured out (hopefully a week) you will see my posts filling up your feed. 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting. I really appreciate this.

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      1. You were one of the very first person i read after opening this blog of mine. And also finding someone from my place rocking the scene was gooood(I know it shoudn’t)!

        Do all the upgrades!

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  2. You’ve truly captured life and memory lane in such a short poem – we continue to pack our memories in suitcases which we carry with us as we often mourn those missed adventures. Great poetry!

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