Feedback Please! – Would you be interested in a Poetry Book?

I have been considering this for quite some time now, and I can’t think of anyone better to ask than you guys.

Should I start working on a Poetry Book which would essentially be a compilation of all my poems? Is that something you would be interested in buying and reading?

Or should I work on my blog for a little longer and do this after I get some more followers?

Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

– The Obsessive Writer


36 thoughts on “Feedback Please! – Would you be interested in a Poetry Book?

  1. If you’re planning on self-publishing, I wouldn’t do it. For a few reasons and they have nothing to do with your work’s quality.

    1) I did it on Amazon and unless you have tons of money to throw at the advertising venues, you won’t be seen. My books (one was a how-to book for a very popular MMO RPG and one was a short story/poetry compilation) sat on Amazon and I honestly don’ think I got over twenty views/visitors the entire time I had them up.

    2) I’ve heard in various circles that self-published authors are not taken seriously by the literary world. This again is not due to quality of their work. It’s (something I find very frustrating and highly pisses me off) called the gatekeeper theory. It says: if you haven’t met certain qualifying criteria then you aren’t relevant to said field. It’s semi-bullshit, if you ask me, because writing – especially poetry – is so creative, an English degree or training in writing is not necessarily necessary to do it well.

    3) Save it up. Save it all until you find an actual publisher that is willing to pay you money. This way, you will for sure be compensated for your hard work. And you won’t drain YOUR pockets trying to realize a (very doable) dream. I had the opportunity through a place to publish my novella. I sent a query and synopsis. Well, they emailed back, then called me! I thought “Oh my god. This might actually happen.” I thought that right up until the guy on the phone said, “So, we’ll put up most of the money. You will only be required to pay a small sum and we break it down into payments for you.” …”Grand!” I thought, and immediately hung up the phone.

    I’ve read some of your stuff. You’re a great writer. It will happen! This is just my two cent, though. Take it for what you want. πŸ™‚

    If this book is just a hobby-type project, however, I say do it. I’d buy it, given I have the funds at the time lol. Which is kind of hard sometimes!

    Here are the links to my (now no longer in print) books:

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  2. Write your collection and follow your gut!! Know your target audience, and take your time in preparing the perfect collection that will truly reflect on your work in general.. Send query letters to agents like crazy, keep interacting with your readers, and by the time your collection is perfect and ready, you’ll know exactly which direction is right for you. 😊
    I love poetry and if you’re ever ready for review building I’d be thrilled to give your book a read πŸ€—

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  3. You may want to divide your work into a few books. In case of self-publishing, keeping the first ebook free may bring in more readers. Getting the next ones to sell might become easier. I made the mistake of not keeping my first ebook free on amazon — which I will rectify next month, when I will set it up elsewhere for free.

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  4. I think it’s a brilliant idea but I think won’t recommend self-publishing because it’s not very convenient if you actually want an audience. I think you should do what feels right but, I think you can post snippets of the book on Wattpad and once you grow a fine audience, perhaps you’ll even get a publisher on there and an assured audience that would want to read the whole book.

    But, follow what feels right to you. Best of luck for everything.

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  5. Hey Abirami! Just telling! If these poems are already on your blog and I have already read it, why would I again go for it in a book? Write us more.. I mean, new Poems that you have not published in the book that you are planning on. Give us maybe some hints on the poems you are dealing with through different platforms. How will that work? Follow your instincts, it comes down to it in the end!

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  6. I would buy a book of poems relevant to one topic. I am a choosy shopper..not sure if this helps! I’m rooting for you tho! do research for sure about avenues to market it..I could help you with marketing if be necessary. I have prof. experience marketing. but not in publishing.

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  7. Abirami, I have recently self published a book in amazon and pothi website , which is like compilation of poems in my blogs, poetic medley. I did not opt for the marketing service from amazon.But to be frank , without it my book had no visibility, few of my friends and family purchased. Not such sales. It’s ok it’s my first one. Try to approach many publishers , even if you do self publishing , get your target audience and do marketing well. For me everyone liked if they read. But only problem is getting them read πŸ™‚ good luck with that πŸ™‚

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  8. Omg I’m so looking forward to seeing this! You should definitely go for it! Im going to publish my poetry book in a couple of days! I would really appreciate it if i could get exposed to some poetry lovers😭 but honestly write the book! Its such an amazing journey!

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