6 Reasons I hate being a Woman. 

  1. Why does everyone have to fight for my equality? Did you know that fighting for my equality makes me feel like less of an equal? Damn you all. Hate on me like you’d hate on any man. That’s all we women want! Maybe even be a little disrespectful occasionally!
  2. Holding the door for me is the most offensive thing anyone has ever done. Are you trying to imply that I don’t have functional arms? HUH?
  3. I never asked to go to school? Whoever it was, that fought for women’s right to education in India – Fudge you! You son of a biscuit. I don’t remember the last night I slept, thanks to you.
  4. Why must you objectify me? Compliment me when you see me on the streets? Why describe me with adjectives like beautiful and pretty? No. How about you just say neutral things like, “Hey! That’s one plain lookin girl”. That would be sublime.
  5. You fashion designers have another thing coming. Why so many choices? Every time I go shopping I feel like I’m doing Math. Find X when Y is a crop top with daisies. Damn.
  6. Don’t even get me started on my period. I never asked to be responsible for the miracle of child birth? Why give me these god like capabilities? I’m fine being ordinary and useless. Thanks.

I hope you enjoyed that humorous take on feminist views! What do you think? Please leave a comment. 🙂 I feel like most people don’t appreciate all the good the world does for women and all the respect and love we get. It’s a great time to be a woman. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

– The Obsessive Writer


47 thoughts on “6 Reasons I hate being a Woman. 

  1. yes i agree with that the fighting for women cause often goes too far. which is like another kind of issue. I think it will die down, and i just continue being myself o matter what others around me are doing. whatever that happens to be.

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    1. One “me” agrees completely, while the other does not! I have to be thankful for who I was born to be but at the same time feel no direction ( at this point in my life)from any gender or race. Those 6 reasons you hate being a woman will pay off, one at a time!

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      1. This was meant to be funny, that’s all. I’m happy with my life and I love being a woman. My intention was to point out, sarcastically that we don’t often see all the good the world does for us. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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  2. From the older generation that still clings to ingrained, perhaps genetic traits like door-holding and complimenting and “no, after you, please,” and chair-minding … I am so glad you clarified that this is satire! I was in my late-teens/early twenties when the convergence occurred, leaving me somewhat shell-shocked with what could be described at cultural PTSD. You missed one, though: high heels – the chiropractor’s reason for existence, as well as the eventual knee and hip joint replacement surgery many women will eventually experience. I’m just glad to be a guy, for most of the reasons you posted!

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    1. Haha! Well I think anyone. Guy or girl should be able to do whatever they want to their body. But yes, it used to be and maybe still is for all the wrong reasons. Things are changing though and it’s good enough for me to live with it. 🙂 I just hope we keep progressing forward in this path!

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  3. As a feminist (an old school one) this is good 😉
    Note: I’m down for someone holding the door open for Me – but don’t expect Me to gush all over the place with a thousand ‘thankyous’ because I’m a helpless woman. I’d hold the door open for someone because they need Me too. You shouldn’t be thanked for being a good human being 😉
    Education and Periods – I completely Agree lol!

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