Love and Pain 

You can break my heart,

Time and again.

Let it shatter to pieces,

And shower like the pouring rain.

Take the half,

That belonged to you then,

Scribe on it a scarlet letter-

My love for you that died unspoken.

Whether it’s love or pain,

They’re both a throb to the heart.

Whether you knew or not,

It still would have broken me apart.

© Abirami

14 thoughts on “Love and Pain 

  1. What I give, I shall not take,
    Even if it were a mirror fake,
    All the lies, all the pain,
    Are but charges surging through the brain.

    What is broken shall forever be scarred,
    Hearts, soul and conscience tarred,
    Love is but a sham, a cruel strain
    For it too is nothing but charges in the brain.

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  2. Why oh why do we let people break our hearts? Or more scientifically, our self-esteem. Trust. The trust we put in others to nurture the feelings we share….. many times is tested when we realise others will not so much nurture as use to their gain. Boo hoo.
    Beautifully written piece Abirami.

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