Heroes speak of battle scars,

Knives and bullets that seared their skin,

The blood they spilled,

And the lives they lost.

Little do they know about

The wounds that words can cause.

They don’t know of all the haters

The cowards behind masks,

And the sordid whispers they wield.

Lately, the battlegrounds have shifted

And wars are camouflaged in civilisation.

© Abirami

28 thoughts on “War

  1. Great analogy! The older the haters are the better the masks fit! Older age takes away the fight. I just recently witnessed so much of what you wrote here! I am, and never will be perfect, but I am gentle and kind. I have learned my lessons well! And I have learned to live through my heart. Misery loves hatred. You have a marvelous poem here!! Never lose sight of kind people. They still exist love!

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