Why I upgraded to the Personal Plan on WordPress (Tips for new bloggers and old)

Getting a domain for free can cost you. Besides having a thing for a good paradox, that line has a lot of truth to it. Let me narrate the story of my search to get a free domain name and hosting. A domain is the name of your site and hosting is where you store it. Many of you on WordPress might have “yourblogname.wordpress.com” ,If you went for the free plan or you’ll have a “yourblogname.com” ,If you paid for your site.

WordPress is a safe bet if you want a free blog. But having a subdomain, that is the .wordpress in your site name is not what I wanted. I couldn’t apply to any advertising companies like Google Adsense or WordAds to monetise my site so I wanted a full fledged domain name. And I wanted it for free. Because I thought, why pay for something when you can get it for free!

There is a way to do that. You can get your domain name from a website called freenom and host it at hostinger, a site which does web hosting for free. You can look up this process on YouTube. This is a simple matter of pointing your domain to the nameserver of your host. In simpler terms, making the name of your site point to where it’s contents are stored. So when someone types in your site’s name, it’s contents show up on their screen.

So I did that and installed WordPress. I was the proud owner of “http://www.theobsessivewriter.ga” the free website didn’t come with a .com, they gave me a less preferred .ga, but I was okay with that. Then I installed WordPress and had my own self-hosted site.

After that came all the issues. Like, I could not install any widgets. The host gave me a very small storage and it couldn’t even handle installing jetpack(a blog stats widget). And to top it all off, I went onto freenom to try getting another free domain name. when I typed in my site “theobsessivewriter.ga”, in the name search just to check, it did not say it was taken like it was supposed to. Instead, it simply made that free domain name a paid one. And it was priced at around 3 dollars. So anyone could buy my site and I wouldn’t even know.

The thing is, I shouldn’t get mad. I had no right. I didn’t pay for it so they don’t owe me anything. But they did not have to make such false promises. This is just something you should know before you step into these things. Free things are always unreliable. All the hard work you put it will just be taken away without an explanation if someone is willing to pay for what you got for free.

In WordPress the free plan is pretty trust worthy. They won’t take away your blog unless you violate their terms and conditions. And incase you ever want your own domain like I did, be very careful when you make your choice. You can go for a self-hosted blog or upgrade your current free plan to personal or premium or business in WordPress.

I preferred to upgrade to the person plan on WordPress. Because I am a blogger/ writer. I just post my own content and it’s not under any niche. I am here for the community. If I had gone for a self-hosted site, my posts won’t show up in the WordPress reader anymore and I would have lost all my followers. That’s another thing. When you upgrade from free to a paid plan on WordPress, it automatically transfers your followers to your new site. So I’d say, self-host your blog only if you have a niche. Stick with WordPress if you’re a personal blogger like me.

Thank you for reading! I hope this recount of my experiences were useful. If you like these type of posts please let me know and I’ll post more blogging tips related content for you guys. 🙂

– The Obsessive Writer


76 thoughts on “Why I upgraded to the Personal Plan on WordPress (Tips for new bloggers and old)

  1. That’s true ! I’m new to blogging and trying to learn as much as I can .. I have no idea how to advertise.. I have to do more research and how this all works 😜 blogging is so much fun ! I get so excited when I publish something!! Such a rush. I like the word press community too, thanks for the tips !!

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      1. Haha.. I’ve been here for about 2 years though not consistently and I’m still finding my own niche in the blogging community.. I’m lucky to even have 100 views per month! I’ll take this post to mind when I do hit the few thousand mark, thanks!

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      1. I did not make my blog self hosted! You can’t actually keep them if you self host. The best you can do is make WordPress redirect everyone who visits your old site to your new site.

        What I did was I upgraded to the personal plan


  2. You make some great points! At my work we do redirecting of our gmail email accounts to a separate website name. Not sure how it all works. My problem now is I was to use all the plugins on WordPress… but I’d have to upgrade to a business account! Another plus of upgrading your WordPress is you get more professional themes and fonts.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the business plan and if you’d considered it? I’ve been considering the business for the google analytics and apps but as someone else whose recently moved up in the WordPress offerings it would be interesting to see what you think

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    1. Well I didn’t consider it because it wasn’t something I thought I needed. I think upgrades like that are something I will consider only after I’ve reached a high target of views and followers! 🙂

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  4. Hey, I really loved this post. I was thinking about the same thing and didn’t want to pay. When you first said you got a domain for free I was so excited and I was about to go get one. After reading the full story I was like nope ot going to happen. Lol but thanks so much for sharing this.n

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  5. But you can’t install plugins like yoast seo with wordpress plans(except business)…and also,you can’t post sponsored content or affiliated content with wordpress.com blogs…..i prefer self hosted blogs if you wanna make money… 💰 💰

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