Anger Management

I don’t understand how a certain group of people are categorised as impulsive. How are only some people that way? Is it not human to feel an impulse? If it were up to me there would only be two categories. People who are alive, and those who are dead.

But I’ve been told recently that I couldn’t always say or do what I liked. And that being “impulsive” is not the right way to deal with things. That right course of action is apparently to carefully think about it and agonise over it until you’re too numb to want to do something about how you’re feeling.

Like if you’re at work and a co-worker undermines you, or you’re at school and someone takes credit for your work or belittles you. Would you just walk away? That is the society we live in. There’s so much importance to conforming to social norms and “decency”, that the line between right and wrong is so blurry these days.

If you’re able to bottle up your feelings when someone stabs you in the back, or outright insults you, then good for you. I cannot live a lie like that. And I won’t. To hell with your opinions. I will remain impulsive for as long as I have a pulse.

– The Obsessive Writer

31 thoughts on “Anger Management

  1. I think this is a big part of what is wrong with our world today. When someone is doing something wrong, we need to point it out to them. Do it as nicely as we can, but firmly too. We need to raise ourselves into better humans and help raise others into better humans, and that’s hard work, but it means standing up for ourselves when necessary instead of meekly taking abuse.

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  2. So true. Totally agree with your view. Being decent in today’s world means to stoop backward to please people. It’s more important to be rather impulsive than to carry the grudge. Respect people boundaries if they respect yours.

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  3. As specie, we never were ethical beings. We come from a long lineage of savages slowly learning how to survive. Natural selection was a great deal with nature to eliminate the weak and the defeated to pass forward their genetic code between us: the animals, mammals, humans or whatever. Men and women forged together through thousands of years what we are till the creation of the modern state.
    Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask to yourself: WTF am I? WTF is anger management in this crazy world? Do I need be like the herd? Of course not. If you are not cheating, bullying, betraying, raping, murdering, be what you are. You need learn how to get respect from others and not be feared by them. The first case is for those who will survive using the brain. The second case for those who will survive with muscles.

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  4. Those who accuse others of acting on such impulses seem to be envious of lacking the courage to do so themselves. Being impudent is much simpler than being responsible.

    And vilifying others is easier than hearing something they don’t want to hear. People hate getting caught being assholes.

    They’re weak.

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  5. 🖒 Voice your opinions and concerns with grace. Bottling up emotions doesn’t really help. We are just denying the inevitable. One day the bottle will explode and all emotions will come pouring out. There should be an healthy let out of emotions.

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  6. I have always been told that I’m impulsive and do not think before doing something. Recently people have started to say I have become more mature as a person.. And from what I know is that recently I have become less impulsive.. Thats funny. Is maturity related to not being impulsive?

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  7. I have been extremely impulsive throughout my life, said it to everyone on face right then and there, but it has not helped me at all. People don’t like me being what I am and I had no issue with it. But recently my co staff has done something which is hurting me a lot and I have not yet expressed it as I use to do. I think such bad things are happening to me just because I have been harsh on them so.
    Anyways I think there is no need to bottle up feeling rather expect them and move on, we are not here to improve every individual around us, rather we must just concentrate on ourself.
    I am finding it all difficult to hold up all my anger presently and I don’t know how long I can, but I think I can use that immense energy generated from my anger for my betterment.

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