Inside Out

I write away my sorrow

It is the only way I know.

Spilling ink thicker than blood.

Leaving behind words in place of scars.

They said, Be the change and the world will follow.

I pretend to be reborn.

I tell myself that I am the change.

And the world did follow,

On Instagram to mock at my expense.

Some people see a few familiar faces and call it home.

What if I need to look at hearts and not faces?

When I look through those chunks of rock

Will I still be able to tell them apart?

This mind of mine colourfully black and white,

Scatters them into piles of two

They all judge me for my depth

Some look at my pockets and some my poetry.

Β© Abirami

49 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. There is so much going on in this piece that I keep reading it over and over. I love the allusions to how we meet and greet each other (and stalk for that matter) in a world where people actually live entire lives on social media. And that last line, what a clincher! I think I will definitely look at your poetry!!!!

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  2. Continue to be your change. Does The Earth though illuminated by the Sun strive to be that sustaining light? We and the world are one, the highs, the lows and all else moving through our facets. Become that which you choose and continue to wield the sacred word as you do.

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