A Search for the Right Way

Is there such a thing?

I’ve always been taught by life and it’s experiences that nothing is ever black or white. Our moral compass if often dunked in shades of grey and we’re left stranded with no sense of direction. I did not think there was a rule book. But lately, it feels like there are indeed some strong indicators that guide us unintentionally.

Whenever I am faced with a difficult choice, there are often two options. One that feels like it might suck immensely, and an easier one. I hate confrontation, or any sorts of negativity so I’ve always ended up picking the easier thing to do. Like not leaving my hometown for college, not ending a bad friendship, just not taking risks.

Maybe the right way doesn’t feel so right? Maybe its when you’ve got that pit in your stomach you’re doing what you’re supposed to. I have reached this point in my life where I feel like nothing can go wrong. Every high or low is just the path I was meant to take to my rightful destination. The only way I’m going to end up where I am supposed to is by doing things the right way no matter the consequences and irrespective of how hard they are.

Seeing as I’ve only got this one life, I might as well get it right.

– The Obsessive Writer

24 thoughts on “A Search for the Right Way

  1. I love this!! I think it is so easy to make decisions that we know others will approve of more! I tend to make my decisions based on this! But sometimes I can’t help to wonder where my life would be, if I had chosen the more difficult options.

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  2. I completely agree. You reminded me of some of the lyrics from George Harrison’s last album… “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Sometimes the hardest thing is not the decision, but the making of the decision. And, with only this one life to live, we need to practice throwing caution to the wind more often. It’s a sure way to move forward. Blessings πŸ™‚

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  3. I consider my King James Version of the Holy Bible as my “guide book”. and it surely supports a lot of your thoughts here..the right way is usually the hard way..but not too hard. I agree with Ruchika ^^ that acceptance is an amazing learned behavior. Through acceptance all love can flow.

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  4. Right and wrong are just a matter of prespectives,isn’t it ?
    While taking a particular decision,you first adopt an ideology, that fits your innerself the most.This is the time when list of pris and cons doesn’t matter and all that matter is the whisper coming from inside.

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  5. Very true! And I think, whichever path we’re going to choose it takes us somewhere. And we learn from it something, sometimes hard way. The worst we can do, it is just stood and don’t choose any of those paths.

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