I Am My Favourite Writer

I know what this must sound like. If I ever saw a title like that, I’d think two things. One – they’re a narcissist, and two – they’re a bit of a bragger if they’re calling themselves a writer. But honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being a narcissist. You’ll always have someone to love you. Yourself. Anyway, getting to the point of why I’m writing this. Yes there’s more to this than just showing off how obsessed I am with myself. Just hold on a little longer and read through.

When I read something, the degree of how much I like it often depends on how much I can relate. If it’s fiction, I imagine myself as the protagonist. If it’s just some random writing, I see if it applies to me. Sometimes I just wonder if that piece of writing makes me feel anything. So when I go through my blog, each one of those checkboxes gets a little tick. Everything I write is somehow based on personal experiences. So one scroll down the feed on my blog is essentially a stroll down memory lane. Jeez. That’s some quote worthy stuff isn’t it? I get this way when I’m passionate about what I’m saying. You might ask me now. What is the purpose of this post? Well, it’s that no matter who you please or impress. Write for yourself. Write something you’ll be able to look at years or even just days later and smile because of it. Today I feel like a writer. Not because of someone else. Not because of a nice little compliment. I am indeed very thankful for all the wonderful things everyone says. But today I feel like a writer because I scrolled through my blog and enjoyed what I read.

– The Obsessive Writer

If you could relate to this, share your “I am my favourite” story with me in the comments below or in a post of your own and link back to me. I will check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Blogging!


35 thoughts on “I Am My Favourite Writer

  1. Can totally relate.
    Just this evening while editing I read a passage in my novel that made me feel like a writer. Its sweet and romantic. ๐Ÿ˜
    Mandy shivered from the cold air coming off the lake and snuggled closer to Marc letting him put his arm around her. The moon was high in the sky, a brilliant white ball throwing light across the whole lake making it shine like a thousand diamonds. They both stood in silence taking in the spectacular view and feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies.โ€จโ€œMarc,” Mandy whispered afraid to spoil the magic with her voice โ€œthank you for taking me here. This has been the most magicalโ€‹ evening. You picked a perfect place,”โ€จMarc grinned and looked at herโ€จโ€œYes, โ€‹it’s been magical. Was really hard to order that full moon. Took a lot of phone calls,”โ€จThey both laughed, then went quiet again as Marc lifted Mandyโ€™s face up towards his and slowly leaned in to give her a gentleโ€‹ kiss on her lips sending millions of tiny heat waves through her body. Mandy wanted more, but Marc pulled back and insteadโ€‹d gently traced his fingers across the side of her face around the contours of her neck. His hands were soft with only a hint of roughness. Mandy looked up into his eyes and Marcโ€™s face and lips slowly came closer, so slowly it seemed an eternity before their lips found each other again. It felt like the millions of stars all fell from the sky and danced across their bodies in that kiss.โ€ฉ

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  2. Hey! I thought neither of those things when I saw the title!!! And of COURSE You’re a writer!!! Through and through. I was not a fan at all of the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Actually couldn’t make it through the first few pages, for whatever reason. Not my cup of tea. But I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE the writer! At one point when I was really struggling (not that You are!!! You just made me think!!!) a friend of mine sent me a TED talk she did. I forget the author’s name…..but it’s to do with artists being afraid to even own what we do because our society doesn’t agree unless we have fame and a large bank account that gives them the green light to acknowledge we are what we say we are. People, innocently, can really be cruel when we own who we are. So….You made me smile and added the joyful part of You are Your favorite!!! That’s happy! Look up that TED talk if this appeals to You at all! Seriously! It will feed Your soul. She talks about the absurdity of having been a writer her entire life but only having been taken really seriously and given approval to call herself that when the huge money started rolling in….and how absolutely damaging society can be to an artistic soul. She kept saying that absolutely nothing had changed about her but all the sudden she was the toast of the town and it was bizarre. I laughed. I cried. And now I’m going to shut up! ๐Ÿ˜‚ YOU ROCK!!! Cheers!!!

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      1. Yes, I see it wasn’t my best comment ever… still in my writing character’s less than serious mindset and should have expanded it a bit.
        What I meant was that the post I wrote today was along similar lines in that it was about the humour I write pleasing me (which results in some juvenile behaviour).

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  3. Wow! The stuffs you wrote are something I can relate to. I always think about what and how it makes me feel when I write about something and how important it is for me in my life……….thank you so much for sharing this, now I know I am my favourite writer.

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  4. Interesting post. I kind of think that if you didn’t like what you wrote, what’s the point? As for being your own favourite, that’s a good sentiment I reckon…so long as you don’t brag about yourself too much as no-one likes a show-off eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I feel as though there are two sides to that. Writers can be their own greatest supporter, or biggest critic. I’ve definitely had times when I’ve read through something I’d written years before, and felt proud of my work. But there are also times when words just get lost between your mind and your hand and it doesn’t work out. One of the reasons that I started blogging was to see what others thought, and maybe even learn more about when I’m being a good judge of my poems. What do you think?

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