How many gamers out here?

I don’t really know if gaming is a thing that writers normally do. But drop a comment below if you’re a fellow video gamer. 🙂

I play on the Ps4 that I got very recently and I used to play on PC before that. The Uncharted series is my favourite game.

Tell me what platform you play on like, PC or PlayStation or Xbox or even mobile games. And tell me what your favourite game is.

– The Obsessive Writer


58 thoughts on “How many gamers out here?

  1. I’m a gamer! Just like you, I was on PC then went to PS4. I love the uncharted series, haven’t finished the newest one yet though. 😛 My favourite game is probably The last of us (so excited for the new one!) and I’m currently playing Prison architect (which is a lot of fun). 🙂

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  2. PC. And currently I’ve started back on Blade and Soul – MMORPG. And also another MMO Neverwinter. Neverwinter is based on the original rules of Dungeons and Dragons (not sure which version) and being a veteran D&D player in my teens lol…Love that game! Also, a non-MMO that I play often in the morning to wake up to and get my brain going before I write is Sid Meier’s Civilization 4, 5, or 6. But really, you name the MMO and I’ve probably at least sampled or have heard of it.

    So, yeah, big gamer here!

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    1. I’ve played Neverwinter on PS4 but not on PC. Tera is an ok MMO that’s free to play on steam, I just bought Civ 6 and I played my first game as Catherine De Medici. The mechanics are different than Civ 5, but I’m getting used to it. If you want to play, my steam name is Luna26x!

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      1. Cool. I’ve never played a multi-player game. I’ll look you up though. 🙂 And yeah, I bought Tera when it first came out. I abandoned Rift for it lol. Which Rift was a great game, but Trion has perverted it into something very short of its former glory. I absolutely loved Rift. Played it after my intro to MMOs through WoW. Yes, I’m almost ashamed to admit it now lol…I played WoW.

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      1. I love the Nintendo Switch. It is so much fun. Recently I’ve been playing on that more than Xbox but that was mainly due to Super Mario Odyssey. Back to playing more of a variety at the moment, at least when I have the time.

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  3. I’m a gamer for sure! I have a PS4, Xbox One and recently had my own gaming PC Built (which I primarily play on now lol). My gamertag for Steam, Xbox and PS4 is Luna26x. Currently, my favorite game to play is Final Fantasy XIV online. I really like the Fable games and Call of Duty and Gears of War are my top franchises.

    -Luna 🙂

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  4. Hello there! I’m a gamer that fell in love with the souls series. I’ve played on a variety of systems, across various genres. But, I’ve always appreciated great world buidling. Something I can just get lost in. That’s how Dark Souls had captured and held my affection for so long.

    Also, am looking forward to Monster Hunter World coming out next week.

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  5. I’m on PC and I just got a PS4 to play Monster Hunter World! If you haven’t played any games from that series, you should definitely check it out! I have some pics of my beautiful limited edition PS4 on my blog 🙂

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  6. Avid gamer here! I play on the PS4 as well. The Uncharted series is incredible, even the lost legacy. I enjoy the immersive single player games most. My absolute favorite is the Bioshock series. If you havent played do so as soon as possible! The Last of Us is amazing and surprisingly emotional. I’ll stop there, I could go on writing for some time. DoodlesBUG is my psn tag. Happy gaming…

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