The Birthday Post

I was born on the 20th of January, 1998. Birthdays have always meant a lot to me. There were mandatory surprises and friends and family members trying their best to make my day special. I’ve always been lucky when it comes to these things. This year was a little different. It was a little crazy. And there were fewer people involved. Initially I thought it would be a bummer. I wasn’t even excited for this birthday to begin with because I thought the fewer the people, the less fun things would be. But man was I wrong. It’s not the size of the circle. It’s how tightly knit it is, that matters. In my case I just needed one person to have the best 20th birthday anyone could have. I had to write about this because it feels like the end of an era. I can no longer call myself a teenager. That part of my life is over. Being a teenager was literally my identity. In fact a year or so ago even my blog was called “Teenblogzz”. And right now if you searched my blog you will find a million instances where I make teenager references. It feels so strange that I’m not one anymore. But I am happy that I got to do everything I wanted and be everything I wanted to be in these years. There were ups and downs but I wouldn’t change a single detail.So, dear Teenage, It’s been a pleasure. I guess this is good bye. :)- The Obsessive Writer- The Obsessive Writer


36 thoughts on “The Birthday Post

  1. You don’t say! You are my birthday mate? That’s super! We are the January 20th troopers! What are the odds? πŸ™‚ And my birth year also ends in 8! Can you believe it! Don’t worry, I am not that old. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t sat down to write my birthday blog yet but with yours, I guess I am inspired a bit and will write something when the fog of sleep clear from these eyes.

    You have a fine blog here and it is nice. I hope to check once in a while. Happy Birthday Abirami. May this year smile for you and your magic 20 be most beautiful. #Hugs

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