The Relationship Rule Book.

What defines a good relationship? How far are you willing to adjust for the person you love?

I hear people defining rules and standards for a good, “socially acceptable” relationship every day. It’s hard to not let it get to you. Sometimes it’s easy to let those standards they dictate define your own relationship. It happens to the best of us.

Everyone has their own definition of what’s right and wrong. Is it okay to look at another women as long as it doesn’t get physical? Is it okay as long as the woman you’re attracted to is an actor or any other unattainable person? Whenever I find myself talking about this, I stand corrected. Good men, women, people I respect they all stand by these socially acceptable standards like it’s made of stone. To all of them I say, Fuck you. I do not apologise.

I live by my standards, and my standards only. I decide whether I’m okay with the things the man I love does. We decide what goes and doesn’t go in our relationship.

But in the end, when push comes to shove, all those standards, no matter who makes them, they go in the trash. A good relationship is simply two people who will not be pulled apart even if the whole world tried to split them up. There is a natural feeling of forever when you think of them and even if a mountain suddenly sprouts up in between you two, you’d climb it in a heart beat, without a second thought. That’s what defines a good relationship.

– The Obsessive Writer


30 thoughts on “The Relationship Rule Book.

  1. So agree.
    What is ‘love’ anyway? (As opposed to a ‘good’ relationship) is love passion? Probably not, that’ll be the lust. Is love caring? Possibly, although this could also be called empathy which I’d have for an old man falling down in the street yet I would not love him. Is love the ability to stand back and allow the subject of this feeling to be themselves and follow their own path, be it with you or without?
    I think so …. imho 💫

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  2. Some part of me agrees that the feeling of belonging to one individual is natural – but this social standard has not, through history, always been the case. Economics, evolution and religion have played some part in the idea of mynogomy. As a romantic myself, I grow attached to an individual from the inside out, though we must sometimes cut ourselves a bit slack – desires, individuals and circumstances change. We are merely animal after all! Thank you for creating a colourful discussion! Willow

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  3. Relationships and other matters in life shouldn’t be based on social acceptance. We need to make decisions that we can live with and I don’t think other people can tell you what that life should look like. Pleasing people and fitting in never works as a motivation or guide

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  4. A successful relationship is based off the values that two people believe in for themselves. They define their love…not family, friends or society. No one understands the love of two people, except those people.

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