Travel Blog 4# – My Trip to Hong Kong and Macau

It’s been a long long time since I did one of these, and it has also been a loooong time since I went on this trip. But I took a lot of cool pics and did some cool shit that I want to tell you guys. 😀 So here it goes.

Before I even begin talking about this trip, I just want you to know one bloody thing. I went on this trip for the SOLE PURPOSE of going to DISNEY FRIGGIN LAND! Every other thing I got to do was simply a bonus. Now that we have that covered let’s proceed.

On the 22nd of November last year I went to Hong Kong with my family. I was super excited for this trip for the reason mentioned above so I was just this ball of positivity. It was almost like life just wanted to kick me in the face because it couldn’t take me being so uncharacteristically happy all of a sudden. You know?

I’m from Coimbatore. There are no direct flights to Hong Kong from here. I had to go to Singapore and get on my connecting flight from there. My dumb positive ass left my bag of toiletries in my hand luggage instead of keeping it in my check-in luggage. So that is a lot of liquids and you’re not allowed to carry that much liquid into the plane’s cabin. My stupid brain didn’t realise my mistake in Coimbatore and the airport security didn’t bother either. However the airport security in Singapore did care. And they told me I had to leave it with them. See, if it was just a bag of cosmetics, expensive ones at that, I still would have left it. No biggie. But those toiletries also consisted of my CONTACTS SOLUTION. I need that to put on my lenses so that I could SEE. I ended up having this huge argument with them and then finally giving up and leaving Singapore sans contacts solution.

It was so ironic to witness all these smiles and Christmas cheer on my way out. I simply had to take a picture to prove how life always has it out for me. -_-

This kind of put a dampener on my whole ball of positivity thing. I tend to just implode on everyone around me when I am upset. So I was just sitting in solitude on the plane ride. Not talking to anyone. Throwing up the stinky noodles they gave me for dinner on the plane. I was so looking forward to eating Chinese up until that point.

It took a while but I eventually snapped out of it and started to explore the beautiful city around me. I mean you just have to be there to get it. I’ve never seen a city so alive. I have high hopes for New York if Hong Kong is this magical. I’m the type of girl who prefers a concrete jungle over a real jungle. It. was. Paradise.

The Hong Kong Skyline
Christmas Decorations near the Harbour

I stayed at the cutest little hotel as well. It was just picture perfect everywhere.

On my first day there, we went to the Ocean Park in Hong Kong. It is a huge. I mean HUGE water theme park. This place also has pandas and some exotic animals and aquatic life for some reason. I went on some of the craziest rollercoasters I’ve ever seen. I even convinced my mom to go on them with me. I honestly thought she’d hate it. But soon she started wanting to go on crazier rides too. It was a weird kind of mother daughter bonding you don’t normally expect to see.

The next day, was the day this trip was all about. It was Disney Land Day. And it was hands down, the best day of my life. I am trying not to be corny, but it really is the most magical place on earth. You just feel happy there. Every other emotion is against the rules. It doesn’t feel like a theme park. It just brings your childhood in front of your eyes and makes you feel that everything you loved as a child is real. That nostalgia just slapped me across the face.

Every single ride. Every show I watched. I had never experienced anything like that before. The Lion King show is a beautiful musical that summarises the entire story in a 30 minute play. My favourite rides were space mountain, mystic manor and it’s a small world. They put so much detail into everything and it really shows. Even if you are not a Disney fan girl, I would still recommend that you go. And man, the parade! How they bring a celebration like that to life every day, I will never understand. But it was the best damn experience of my life. I think it’s better if I shut up and just show you.

Disney Land
Main Street USA’s replica
Tarzan’s Tree House
Every room in Tarzan’s Tree House was modelled after scenes from the movie.
Mystic Manor – AKA my future home.
The Merch Shop at Toy Story Land just HAD to be this.
The Moana Show had the coolest set
The Lion King Show
The Flights of Fantasy Parade
Lilo and Stitch’s float in the parade
Me at the end of the day 🙂 I get why you’re so happy all the time Minnie, ‘cus same.

I honestly didn’t expect much from the trip after Disney Land but Hong Kong did not fail to amaze me. I went to some more beaches and places like Madame Tussaud’s which is a wax museum.

After this it was off to Macau. A Chinese version of Vegas, but nicer. It was really beautiful as well. It kept with the theme of Christmas decorations and fairy lights all over. The only difference is that everything looked richer here. Macau allows gambling so everywhere you could see, there was some bougey casino or the other. Sadly I was 20 at the time and not 21. So I was literally waiting outside every time my family went to a casino. It was kind of a bummer but it gave me a lot of alone time to explore and photograph the picture perfect streets of this country.

The casino’s were always accompanied by extremely luxurious hotels. One of those was called Venetian. You’d guess by the name that it was Venice themed. You’d be right. But how far does the theme go, you ask? They have an actual replica of the Rialto Bridge area, INDOORS.

This place redefined the term “man made wonders”, for me.

So that was it. After what was an amazing trip I returned home on cloud 9. Literally. 😉

Throughout my trip in Hong Kong and Macau I had the most bizzare travel guides. They weren’t those offbeat silent types you generally get assigned by travel agencies. As entertaining as they were they also tried to trick us into buying stuff we didn’t really need. So if you are travelling to these places I’d suggest that you beware of such scams. But they are interesting and hardworking people to get to know. It’s just something I thought I’d mention. Anyway, see you in the next one.

-The Obsessive Writer.


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