Why Stars Explode

Maranda Russell


Why Stars Explode
Written By: Maranda Russell

Feeling lonely tonight,
wondering if the night sky
knows how I feel –
it seems like she would.

All that emptiness,
the vast space between each star,
perhaps that is the real reason stars explode –
not because of heat,
not because of age,
but simply due to the overwhelming shadow
cast by their own isolation.

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The Absent Mind


The absent mind

The truth is
           that it all takes time
time itself takes time
           we are all descendants
we come from somewhere
           and we are part of a cycle
but one which is not circular
           whatever our origins
time brings change
           we learn
and we move forward
           and build ourselves up
from memory
           which is stored time

the rose did not appear
           on the first day of creation
neither did the first day
           nor the eye to appreciate
the rose’s beauty
           nor the tongue
with which to express it
           and love too takes time

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In Dreams

memory of crows

you have been there
ever present
in the dark recesses of my mind

i dream of you
i am in a constant haze
of in between
awake and asleep

and you are there
haunting me
reminding me
over and over

how very real you are

some dreams
come and go gently
allowing me peace
and although i know you’ve been there
you left nothing behind
no footprints on my heart
you crept away quietly
as if your soul knew
the devastation it would bring to mine

others are so vivid
so real
that if i reached out
i know i would feel your skin
warm on my finger tips

i wake up
and cannot distinguish
truth from fiction

so real – so natural
that i check my phone
to find the email you sent me in my midnight hours
and there is nothing there

i replay our conversations

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This is the most relatable thing I’ve read in a while. Please visit their blog! 🙂 He has some interesting things to say.

The Motivational Blog

I have heard lot of people telling me
‘He is so lucky to get that job’ or ‘How lucky he is to live a happy life’ or ‘Wow, he is really lucky and that will lead him to success’. Honestly I don’t give a thing about it and don’t believe in this myth at all. It’s just rubbish.

How can you underestimate a person so much and believe that he is lucky ? That’s the most absurd thing at all. We have never been in his shoes and haven’t walked his life. Then how can we claim that he was lucky ?

The thing is this – there is no such thing as luck, believe me. It’s just a cooked up myth to protect ourselves from falling into the pit of guilt for not being to be an opportunist. Yes, that is what it is, opportunity. That is what makes…

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AmandWrites - Poetry & Stories

Young soul – abandoned

Childhood, never pardoned

Like a forgotten suitcase, left

Of parental love, bereft

Personally packed, carefully held

Thrown – onto the baggage belt

Traveled tens of thousands…


Time left to claim


The others – beautiful and cared for
Love-packed to their core

But the unopened lock – a token

Of unrequited love, truly


Clothes never to be worn

For this suitcase, no one to mourn

Filled, like an overflowing bucket

Emptied, by those who struck it

Destined for the belt – a painful frown

The zipper breaks, condensation pours down

An unremorseful stop, no more spinning around

The sinkhole appears – no more ground

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A Heart Filled with Lessons

Unhealthy relationships that are not broken in time, will break you apart. Please visit this blog! It’s truly wonderful. 🙂

Percolating Poetry

we have to
se                      ver
the ties which bind us
to unhealthy relationships
even when the cut
stings at first
the wound will heal
and eventually
we will come
to view the scar
as another lesson learned

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In My Dreams, It’s Sunny Again

Even depression, and the darkest corner of your soul can be beautiful when it’s expressed with the right words. Please visit their amazing blog!

Opinionated Head


Eyelids so heavy from the weight of air,
Air that’s getting too heavy to breathe.
I swallow hard a lump in my throat,
And let my eyelids fall to meet my bottom lashes,
I expected peace but there was more chaos.

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When I Swallowed​ The Warm Yellow Pill

Nature is the best cure for any ailment of the body or mind. This piece is absolutely incredible! Please check out the rest of their blog. 🙂

Opinionated Head


I swallowed a warm yellow pill today,

It went down my aching sore throat,

Like a soup made of warm love,

Soothing, caressing, easing the pain.

It filled my chest with the sun shine,

Clearing the cold cobwebs of winters,

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Precious temple

It’s when you read the right kind of poetry, you learn a whole new way to fall in love again. 🙂 Please visit their amazing blog for more.

Living in a World of Wonder

My body is a precious temple
made with diamonds, gold
jewels and all,
only to be cherished and loved,
never to be broken into
nor wrongfully owned,
I am not afraid to say
that there are tears and ruins,
around the edges
and around the walls,
there is black fur strangely lined beautifully on the exterior,
which may give you a certain warmth,
although it may scare you away
please do not be afraid,
I promise it will do no harm,
please do not be ashamed.

It’s hard to accept these imperfections,
when this beauty is not seen as an exception,
though it stands strong it’s fearful and naked,
society will not view this temple as beautiful,
it surely will not be favoured,
sadly the media does not show the different temples and how they should still be respected,
when one is socialised to view something as normal,
this is…

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