You Complete Me (Poetry Contest) – Week 1

Welcome to the first week of the poetry contest on my blog 🙂 I hope you have some fun, and get a little bit of inspiration from this prompt.

The rules are simple.

  1. Before you post your entry make sure that you’re following my blog.
  2. You can post your entry to the contest on your blog.
  3. Link back to my blog on your post. And leave a comment to your entry here in the comments section of this post.
  4. Title the poem appropriately, you can use your images or original art if you’d like to.
  5. Your poem should be a continuation of the following lines.

Poetry is like the air I breathe,

Reading is breathing in and writing is breathing out.

Two of which I cannot live without.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me what you need to know by leaving a comment. I’ll respond as quickly as I can. By the end of the week, which is 24th December, I will pick a winner and they get a chance to be featured on my blog. Please share this post with your friends if you know anyone who’d like to participate.

Thank you and good luck! 🙂

– The Obsessive Writer


Poetry Contest – Coming Soon.

This ones for all the poets out there!

Starting tomorrow I will be holding a weekly poetry contest! The winner gets a chance to be featured on my blog. 🙂

Stay tuned for more details!

– The Obsessive Writer

Dreaming of Glass (Guest Post)

I suppose if I told my story

The whole world might weep.

I suppose if I told my story

The world might change in a week.

I suppose.

I suppose

I suppose that’s just my fantasy

What I’d like to see

What I’d hope to see

Because that’s my dream

Every night I dream

Of glass.

I dream of glass ceilings to let in the light of day

Glass walls unable to hide away

Those hide aways

Where I hide away.

I dream of floors made of glass

Doors made of glass

Chairs and tables and desks made of glass

And the light shines through it all.

The light shines in my memories too

But they are so few

So sparse and faded

Near overrated

Crumbling tumbling out of my view

My distant memories of sunlight

Shining through the glass

Making rainbows through the glass

Giving meaning to me

And breathing on me

The light through the glass

Sometimes I dream even my clothes

My dirty old clothes

My dirty ill-fitting

Need so much fixing

Clothes are made out of glass.

And no one can see the stains

No one can see how old they are.

No one can see

My two bare feet

Because everyone thinks

My shoes are of glass.

They think my shoes are glass

And I don’t darkness to hide me away

I don’t have bruises that cry out all day

I don’t have nightmares to haunt me

No voices to taunt me

Or closets to hide in

Only mice to confide in

When I’m dreaming of glass.

Sometimes I dream I am glass

My chest and my face and my legs and my back

Are all made of glass.

And no one can see

The scars on me

The bruises on me

All they can see

Is the real me.

He sees me

He sees the real me

When I’m made of glass.

He sees me when I am glass

And I can’t hide away

In this old hide away

I won’t hide my face

I’ll not stay in my place

I can be be free at last

I am free from my past

When I dream of glass

I’m dreaming of glass


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Contest Winner – The Obsessive Writing Challenge (Week 3)

Hey there! I’m sorry I’ve been gone for a few days. I was just taking a break and dealing with a lot of work in college. I’m back now 🙂

We have reached the end of the third week of this challenge. Thank you for all the amazing entries! I loved each and every piece. I can’t say it enough, I am honoured that such talented writers took part in this.

To check out all the entries, please head to The Obsessive Writing Challenge – Week 3 post.

As promised, I have picked one winner. And I will soon publish the winners guest blog on my site. Everybody’s entries were amazing! The piece that spoke to me the most was,

The Kitchen Table is by Just a Pen I love the flow of this piece. 🙂 Thank you for sharing that with me. Please visit their amazing blog!

Thank you all for participating. 🙂 This is the end of this weekly contest series. I will be back with a different Writing Challenge soon.

– The Obsessive Writer

The Obsessive Writing Challenge – Week 3

Welcome to the third week of the Obsessive Writing Challenge. 🙂 Thank you for all the support! We had some amazing entries last week.

This week’s theme is : Empty

You will have to write content, any kind of content relevant to the theme and it has to have the word “empty” in it. I will pick a winner and link to their blog in the next week. The winner gets the opportunity to feature in my blog with a guest post!

The rules are pretty simple.

You can submit your entry by writing it and posting it in your blog. Your entry should have : a title, followed by a link to my blog and then finally the body of your content.

Your post has to have the word “empty”, and it has to be the overall theme.

Leave a link to your entry in the comments below, that’s how I’ll be able to see it. (I won’t know you’ve entered the contest unless you let me know via a comment)

Your entry can be any written work, like a story, a poem or a passage. Just make sure it’s relevant to the topic and most importantly, original.

The last date for submitting your entry is 02.12.17 (Saturday)

Good luck! And make sure you follow the rules to make it easier for me 🙂

– The Obsessive Writer

Would you like another Reader?

I’ve been so drained lately. I’m not one of those people who like blaming writer’s block but that is what this is. I’d like some inspiration. It’s been a while since I sat down to really read.

If you think you have the right content for me, please leave a link in the comments to any post of yours that you’d like to share with me. I will be sure to check it out!

– The Obsessive Writer

Till Dawn do us Part (Guest Post)

Nothing but moonlight illuminates her, our rooftop and our world. We lie on the floor, staring at countless stars of the night sky. I realize the coolness of the constant breeze as it contrasts the warmth of her head on my shoulder, her hand on my chest, her hair, her smell and her heartbeat. We see planets, jupiter and saturn, right above us, so close that we would be able to hold them like a basketball if we stretched our hands. We talk about us, we talk about life, we laugh.

We always talk for hours till dawn, it’s been our weekly routine for three hundred years, I thought to myself.

“The sun’s here”, she says while lifting her head to look at me. I look at my watch instead.

04:59:59. As I turn to look at her, beep… and then a blinding light engulfs the fully dark sky in a split second and I cannot see her face.

Beep. I wake up, my eyes looking outside my bedroom window. I angrily hit the phone’s snooze button and flip it, so that it’s light wouldn’t bother me again.

Wait… A dream? What was I dreaming about?. A sudden rush of guilt and longing hit me like a brick. “Maybe I can go back… what was I dreaming about?” I shut my eyelids hard trying to remember, trying to get back.

After minutes of trying, I open my eyes. Still looking outside the window, now at the rooftop of the building a block away. A door opens and a figure of a woman frantically paces on the rooftop looking for something.

My heart races, I jump out of the bed, and I shout.


“Why did I do that?”, I ask myself. She freezes, turns around, looks at me for a couple of seconds, and yells back.


Beep. Something tells me that I should not turn back to snooze the phone.

Beep. Something tells me that I shouldn’t take my eyes off her. We both stood still looking at each other waiting for dawn.

The Silent Explorer.

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