We have all fallen victim to, and indulged in the delivery of some cheesy lines. We do this sort of thing. Make promises of forever. It’s not much of an exaggeration as it something we say in the heat of the moment. But when push comes to shove, what would you really do for your loved one? How far would you go?

Most of these promises we make, are about situations we’d most likely not encounter in daily life. I’m not a soldier, I don’t think I’ll ever have to take a bullet for anyone. I don’t think I’ll be scaling mountains for anyone any time soon, seeing as I’m not an avid trekker.

When I think about all the things I’d do for love, I guess the first and foremost thing would be to make real promises, about real things, you’d do for them in – yes you guessed it! -REAL situations.

I promise to be there for every little thing, because when it’s you, nothing is little. I promise to put your feelings above mine when we fight, because you matter more. I promise to shower you with love, whenever you’re sad so that you always have a reason to smile. Life will be hard. There’s no denying that. But, I promise to stay by you no matter how hard it gets.

– Abirami.


Count Your Blessings

It’s very easy to let life bring you down. In my case I made my whole life about someone and all my happiness and sadness was no longer in my control. It’s easy to blame relationships or yourself and mope around. I’ve done that. I haven’t been able to write, well I could write but it would just be depressing shit so I haven’t. It took me a while to see clearly. It did not come to me suddenly. It was no miraculous epiphany. When you feel broken inside and you think you’ll never get out of this spell life has cast on you, gradually your vision clears up. Like fog lifting at day break.

Whether you’re have an amazing day or not, I’d like to remind you that scientifically there is a very huge possibility that this is the one chance you get at life. Are you really willing to waste it all over someone or something? I’ve realised that I’m not. Make your own happiness. And the first step to that is listing reasons why you should be happy. Count your blessings along with me in the comments if you’d like to. Here goes,

  1. I have a gorgeous, amazing, loving and extremely huggable little pup who’s just waiting for me to get out of bed every morning.
  2. I have the most amazing father who happens to be more than a father. He is my best friend.
  3. I have a blog and people, nice people. You have no idea how nice! These people visit me every day and make my life a thousand times better with their kind words. They make me feel like a writer and I am forever grateful. 🙂
  4. I am learning to drive and I’m kicking ass at it.
  5. Most importantly, thank God for Netflix. It’s like I have a thousand families and friends every day when I tune in to watch my favourite shows.

This was just a post I needed to write for myself, more than for others. But I hope it helps you in a way too. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to smile today. It literally costs nothing! 🙂

– The Obsessive Writer

The Boy

A little boy eyed the bakery for hours.

He waited for his opportunity all day as the Baker diligently sold his cakes and scones.

His stomach rumbled in agony, almost giving away his cover. It seemed, he was low on luck that day.

Suddenly, an elderly man stumbled and dropped his walking stick. As the Baker went to help him, the kid grabbed a pack of bread and ran.

He walked to a quiet corner to enjoy his loot.

“Hey little guy! I’m here”, he said to a scrawny little pup.

“I told you I’d not let you down, didn’t I?”

He emptied the contents of the bag on the floor for the dog to eat and went on his way to work at the medicine factory.

Things are not always what they seem.

© Abirami

The Arranged Marriage

Words were said and things had been done. Arranged marriages hardly work out. Two months in and they called it quits.

But every night she’d call him over. It was always an emergency.

Tonight it was the mysterious case of the missing tv remote.

As he pretended to find it once more, love found them.

© Abirami


When asked the secret to a good relationship, the elderly couple replied,

“Back then, date nights were at the park”

Love is strong where the WIFI is weak.

© Abirami

Positive Thinking

If the poop emoji can smile, 💩 What are you frowning about?

Whatever it is, that makes you feel miserable, there are problems that are bigger and there are others like you. We’re all fighting our own battles one way or another. Which is why I think it’s important to acknowledge the lives of others and appreciate your own.

There is a good side to everything. Focusing on that can help make you a better person even in the worst of times. That’s how you turn things around. By making it all a learning experience.

I just stumbled upon a a YouTube Channel of this kid with progeria. It’s a medical condition that abnormally accelerates the ageing process in children. She was there, despite all odds simply to be an inspiration to others. She found her life’s purpose through the same thing that made it hard for her. And that’s when it hit me, nothings ever too bad. There is ALWAYS a bright side. You’ve just got to look hard enough, right?

– The Obsessive Writer

A Year with a Labrador Retriever.

Life has been a lot less lonely and a lot more fun since this little one made it into my life. He is my first dog and I have to say I got pretty lucky. Not everyone who wants a dog ends up with this cutie. He is extremely active and playful, like most labradors are. He’s also pretty silly sometimes! He is the sweetest creature you will ever meet. And he’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. Life can get confusing sometimes and you forget what really matters. At times like that all you need is a little ball of fluff like mine to remind you of all the good things in life.

The last year has been the best so far and here’s why,

Leo. My best friend. ❤️

May his tail wag a little faster( if that’s even possible) in the years to come.