Feminism Unleashed.

Long walks on a deserted street in the dark. As fun as that sounds, dangerous is the go to word to be describe it lately.
Hell Yea!

It’s time for some seriously due feminism.

I have a curfew of 6 PM. I’m not even allowed to go to school by myself. I rarely get to hang out with my friends, and when I do, it’s at the most closely located pizza joint. You know why? Because I am a GIRL.

People have asked this question over endless eons, and I’m going to as well, again!

How is this fair?

As expected, you’ll say, no, it’s not! And I’m jus wondering here. How does that help me? Or any other girl? All the posts by the “understanding” men out there who think the undermining of the feminine gender should come to an end and how men should use their stronger physique to protect women and not over power them – they just sicken me.

People talk, they talk a lot, but they apparently do nothing. Except for offending me more by the day that is! A part of this world, a part of the male part of this world, actually understands and wants to do the right thing. Women can work as equals to men. They are given the same opportunities, yada yada. But, the EXACT same people are the ones who say, “she’s a girl!  If she can’t apologize why should I?” when they have a disagreement with their girlfriends. Or, “She actually thinks that she can pick a fight with me? She’s a girl!!” and the best, my personal favourite, “if a girl can get that pissed, watch me!”

I mean, what is up with that? Seriously? I get this impression that we are some kind of lowlives to whom the world is generous enough to give a few important rights and that we should repay them by being eternally grateful. And when one of us is nuts enough to ask the question, “Am I supposed to be submissive and let people be sexist to me?” all we get is an apparently obvious and oh did I forget to mention unsaid, “DUH!”

You think I’m pissed now? Oh! Wait till I finish. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they had to make it worse with the frigging movies! I seriously have to ask, does it just mean that you’re heartless if you’re a woman? Why does every movie, specifically Indian movie, portray the lead female role as the heartless, undecisive, “pretty” girl who just breaks the guys heart out of vanity! That is then followed by the song where he trashes and curses the girl and speaks of how evil she is and that song becomes an international sensation. I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were turning a blind eye to everything that men do.

These are just stuff that have to be said. And no I’m not going to be polite because I’m a “girl”. I want the big rights, I want the small ones, I want everything I deserve. And I deserve everything because I am a woman. A self-righteous one at that!


Sachin Tendulkar – The Legend.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t exactly hype over classics. I’ve never watched Titanic, I think superman is a freak with a bad fashion sense, I barf every time I see couples holding hands. (This might offend the rest of the world but I’m going to say it anyway) I don’t even like A.R.Rahman who is known to be the most successful and popular artist from India. The next obvious addition to that would be Sachin Tendulkar considering all the buzz that’s been going on lately regarding his retirement from cricket. But him however, I’m quite fond of. I’m going to start off this entry by stating the obvious. Yes, it is about Sachin. It’s kind of hard not write about him now.

The God of cricket. Yup, that’s what they call him around here. He’s achieved great feat as a cricketer and it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say as a person as well. I got sucked into this Sachin hype during the 2009-2010 O.D.I. when the “Master Blaster” scored a breathtaking 200 showing the world what he was all about. I still remember how I pretended to get some water and hid behind the fridge tearing up when goosebumps went crazy all over my body. Sachin is undoubtedly one of the few people who have made the world think that being Indian is special.

You may wonder why I’m making such a huge deal out of cricket. Well that is common if you’re not from India. So you need a little back story. As much as I am proud of my country, the people here fight over petty things and make a huge (very huge) mess out of them. Unity is something people can only dream about here. But when it comes to cricket, it is the one sport.No, the one thing that unites all of us in never ending prayers and excitement and hope that OUR country’s team wins. It’s sometimes a matter of pride even. We all need a solid stand and for India it was and still is cricket.

So when this sport is something so important to everyone in this heavily populated country its naural that the one man who’s gone to great heights in it matters a lot. If Sachin were only a good cricketer he wouldn’t be this famous. Because, we have quite a lot of good players here if I may say so myself. Like, Mahendra Singh Dhoni who’s now the embodiment of good leadership and such. Sachin is this famous because of how humble he is. His attitude and who he is as a person without cricket. He’s shown the world what places determination and hard work can take you.

Those of you who are just plain annoyed when people don’t accept their due credit, I’m with you on that one. But with Sachin its different. He is what I’d call honestly humble and not another media lover who is obsessed with emotional stunts. He is a son who looked at his late father as his hero, he took his advice seriously and even bothered to share it with the world in his farewell speech.