Guilt Free Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Cupcakes With NO Added Sugar

This had to be the first recipe I shared, because it is the one I am most thankful for. I bake these almost every other day. This is in no way supposed to be a miracle food that makes you lose weight. No. Eat a healthy diet and exercise to not be a total potato. Or don’t! that’s your call. The only thing these cupcakes are meant to do is to give you a guilt free way to indulge your sweet tooth without consuming empty calories. By replacing sugar with fruit we simply get additional nutrients apart from the sweetness they impart to the dish. Now that we’ve gotten the PSA out of the way(for legal reasons), let’s get to baking.

What You’ll Need :

Additionally, you will need around 50 ml of milk or water to loosen the batter and almonds or any other preferred nuts to top the cupcakes.

Do not put your ingredients into a million little cups. That does nothing but leave you with a million dishes to wash. Have I ever done this before? No. Will I ever do this again? No. Just don’t do it. However putting this together did satisfy my OCD to a point of unexplainable satisfaction.

Step By Step Instructions That Nobody Asked For :

  1. Mix all your dry ingredients in a bowl and sift them together as well. Sifting helps you avoid over-mixing later when you combine the wet ingredients and dry ingredients one by one.
  2. Mix all your wet ingredients together; eggs first, followed by the mashed bananas and dates puree, then add the melted butter. Does the order matter? No. Not at all. I just added it for funsies.
  3. Mix your wet and dry ingredients only until they’re combined. Just fold them together. Do not over-mix. Why? I don’t know? Just don’t.
  4. Once you’ve mixed the batter, pour in your milk little by little and mix till you get the perfect consistency. A good measure is to have your batter be loose enough to let a spoon move freely without needing to use too much force. And when you pick up the batter in a spoon, some of it should still stick to the spoon when you turn it upside down. So add your milk slowly. If your batter is thick, you can always add more. But if your batter is too runny, your cake is by all means fucked. 🙂
  5. Grease your choice of cake tin with oil, butter or spray. Whatever you like! Go crazy. I like using a cupcake mould for portion control. If you don’t have a mould just use a large mug and use a third of the ingredients to make the batter.
  6. Pour in your batter, add nuts to top it if you’d like.

7. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Pop that sucker in and let it bake around 15 minutes. The bake time will vary depending on the type of mould you use, the size of your oven and the height of the rack you’re using. For instance, this is how I bake mine.

My oven has fans on the top, so placing the mould on a high rack allows it to bake evenly. If you’re not using a microwave like I am, your regular old oven will already have racks, just place it on the top one. No issues if you don’t have a rack either. It will just take a bit longer to cook when it’s further away from the heat source.

8. Use a tooth pick or any “pointy device” you can lay your hands on to check your cake after 15 minutes. Your cupcakes are done when the toothpick comes out with a thin layer of solid batter sticking to it. (If baking it in a mug then it will take no more than 2-4 minutes.)

Once you take your little creation out of the oven, let it cool down before you remove it from it’s mould. And for best results, eat them after chilling the cupcakes. I find that when it is hot, you notice the absence of added sugar more and when it is chilled, it has this dark chocolatey taste to it that is so rich you don’t miss the sugar at all. Thats it. You’re done. You can eat now.

You can follow the same recipe and replace part or the entirety of whole wheat with maida or all purpose flour. Your cupcakes will rise more and be less dense. I made these the other day with maida and they came out pretty dang good, as expected. I don’t notice a huge difference in taste so I prefer sticking to the healthier whole wheat.

I’ve made these in every possible way by now. Step by step with patience or in the middle of the night, in a single bowl, with no patience whatsoever. They always tasted good and are very easy to bake. I hope they give you some joy in these times as well. 🙂

-The Obsessive Writer (Baker?)

The Origin Of A Chef In Quarantine

You know where this is going and you clicked on it, so come along.

Living in times as strange as this can make you want to do some strange things. In all my 22 years on this planet, I have never made myself a meal. I have never been the source of my own sustenance. And honestly, I never really cared to change that. It made no difference to me where the food came from as long as I was fed. Yes. I was a spoilt child. Spare me the judgement.

Then there was a pandemic. I was forced to stay inside. I got sick of eating the same things they made at home. I was REALLY bored and I decided that this was reason enough to start cooking. And I did. Let me tell you something, it isn’t that hard. Cooking isn’t what it used to be. You are spared from awful experiences like getting bossed around by someone who can cook, or having to memorise tedious recipes. You just pull up your phone and type what you want to make and bada bing bada boom, there you go. Done. Something wrong when you’re halfway through? Just ask the internet what to do again. We live in times where anything can be replicated in a DIY and cooking just happens to be at the top of that list.

The most surprising outcome from this already unexpected adventure is that, I seem to love cooking? What? Yeah, I love it. It is so much fun. It caters(pun intended) to every little need of the perfectionist in me. Cooking is such a satisfying task because when you’re done, you get to eat that deliciousness you just slaved over. And to add to that, I’ve been taking my health and fitness quite seriously so cooking my meals allows me to control what I eat every single day. It has been such a win-win-win situation up in here.

If you’re wondering why I took the time to type all this down, I just wanted to let you know in advance so you’re not completely left in the dark when you see me posting recipes and my experiences with cooking here. It is all I do and I want to write about it. If you’re interested in some recipes with a focus on health without limiting yourself too much, follow my blog and stick around. I will be posting my recipes often. I make indulgent dishes like Chicken Biriyani, Pizza, Cheese stuffed starters as well as desserts that substitute added sugar with fruit. I just want to build a community here that discusses the art of cooking and finding ways to substitute ingredients that are unavailable as recent situations have made it hard to go shopping for groceries. I hope you enjoy what is to come. 🙂 Please leave a comment if you have any requests, I would love to figure out the best concoction for any dish you’d like to see me make.

-The Obsessive Writer(Chef?)