The Obsessive Writer.

This one’s for my followers, (if there are any of you out there)

It’s been brought to my attention that I have a serious writing problem. At the sight of a laptop or simply paper, pen and a little free time, I start writing like a crazy person and the “crazy writing” apparently, has to go. But then, in a way I think they’re right. When you have a voice in this world and absolutely no restrictions it is very easy to lose yourself and just go on blabbing which is what I think I’ve been doing a lot lately. I’m having a tough load at school too, since I’m in final year and all.

So, I’m strictly restricting posting anymore than two posts a week. There will be a post every saturday night and one other post if I can’t suppress the writing urge on any other day of the week, which I sadly can’t predict. So, anyone who’s up for more “ME”, do follow and check my blog every Saturday night at 10, Indian Standard Time. I guarantee some interesting stuff. 🙂 See ya every Saturday!

Love, The obsessive writer.